Saturday, March 17, 2007

Cremona Artist Series Violin Outfit SV-1400

Cremona Artist Series Violin Outfit SV-1400

"Cremona sv-1400

This one piece back is always deeply figured, seasoned old maple, with sides and scroll to match. The exquisite wood, workmanship and general apearance is what you would expect to see in a fine hand-made violin costing $4,000 or more, and the tone is quite in keeping with the appearance.

Comes with superb LB-14 brazilwood bow and a great plush-lined oblong case.

Hand carved solid spruce top

Hand carved solid maple back, sides neck & scroll

Highly Flamed One-Piece Maple Back and Flamed Maple Sides Neck & Scroll

Grade A Ebony Fingerboard

Hill-Style Boxwood Fittings

Delicately Inlaid Purfling

1 Fine Tuner in a Polished Boxwood Tailpiece

Beautiful French-polished shaded brown finish

TL-35 well-padded arched-top Travelite suspension violin case with durable ballistic exterior and plush interior lining. 3 interior compartments too!

LB-14 high-quality brazilwood bow with full-mounted ebony frog, silver-plated wrap and genuine unbleached white horsehair

VNS-150 Anton Breton Perlon strings

VP-203 Cremona 3-Star Bridge
Shop adjusted.
Available in 4/4 size only."